what our clients say

A testimonial from a Life Coaching Client...

"I have joy in my heart. Every day is not bed of roses but I know how to make the best of it. I was ready for a divorce Dec 2015 not because love was missing but because communication was missing. I have found a Life Coach who gives you the tools to tap into your inner self as all answers are in us. Starting life coaching has changed every area of my life instead of getting a divorce I put into practice suggestions on tapping into me..."  V.W.

"Thank you Dianne, everything was absolutely amazing. Everyone would benefit from this workshop [Connecting with Your Intuition]. I feel like a different person with the ability to look at life in whole new light. Thank you so much." Tessa H.

"Went to the first workshop [Connecting with Your Intuition]... The workshops are for all ..... The workshops will bring positive change." V. White

"I met Dianne Rosena Jones through a mutual friend on Facebook. She is a beautiful lady that doesn't fear taking a sister with her to the next level of success. I met her in person at a Book Festival, that she invited me to at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum for African History. We hugged and I showed her my book, "My Tears Count Too!" and she had nothing but encouragement for me. I have since went on to write 2 more children books. I am currently working on another. "Mom is her Smile, Beautiful is She" and "A Tug of War". All on Amazon. 1st one at Barnes and Noble and Authorhouse. I want to be the next Dr. Seuss. Since talking to Dianne, I am learning to perfect my craft and trying to do things, people say I can't. Mostly, from her, I'm learning to encourage myself. She also called me personally, when a friend passed, right on time." ~ Sandy C.

"Wow..where to start!! Just take a look at the "Notes" Section of my [Facebook] page and you'll see how much The Transformational Life Lesson blog and page & Dianne Rosena Jones have impacted my world! I follow the page for insight, empowerment ... and love!!!" ~ Kristin M.

"Good Morning My Sweet Friend! Just love your posts and yes my dear... they challenge me and reveal to me how vast the love of God is as I open my heart!! Thank you for being an avenue of awareness to my soul!! Eternally grateful for YOU!!" ~ Glenda E.

"Transforming Life Institute has been a wonderful clinic to check into...it puts the power of healing in ME! I am embracing my transformation and loving it." ~ Jazel S.

"Just the title, "Becoming Who I Am!", has been a blessing to me. They put everything on the table keeping it real, no short cuts on life and resolutions. I have grown in courage, confidence and faith." ~ S. Clark