Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D.

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Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D. founded Transforming Life Institute, LLC out of a desire to create a place she could offer transformational life sessions [Metaphysical counseling and spiritual life coaching], life classes, seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences, and retreats.  A place where anyone could come [regardless of their spiritual/religious affiliation] and delve into discovering their purpose, while exploring ways to walk in their highest good in order to manifest the life they desire.

Dr. Di has more than 20 years of experience as a Coach, Teacher/Trainer, Skilled Facilitator, and Public Speaker with more than 30 years in traditional Christianity [including 12 years as an ordained Christian minister].  She is a Metaphysical Practitioner and an ordained Metaphysical Minister.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morgan State University, a Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics, along with a Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Sedona.  She works with all people seeking a spiritually based life coaching process regardless of religious affiliation.

Metaphysical Psychology is a branch of philosophy/theology. The study of the connection between spirituality, beliefs, behaviors & our reality. Her degree allows her to minister, teach, and coach in regards to how to reconcile "who we are being" [our personality/ego ~ the study of psychology] with "who we were created to be" [our spirituality/divinity ~ the study of Metaphysics].

She uses her own life experiences as a gateway to discuss with refreshing candor [and transparency] difficult subjects.  Almost 25 years ago, she began her journey towards the “Holistic Healing” needed to overcome her tragic experiences.  What she discovered changed her life forever.  She reveals her story in the award-winning book “Tragic Treasures: Discovering Spoils of War in the Midst of Tragedy” voted “Best Inspirational Book of the Year” [2010].

More than a decade ago there was a shift in her consciousness.  She was spiritually unfulfilled and knew that the direction of her Ministry was about to change forever.  After running away from home to spend 7 days alone with God, she came back with a sense of urgency to leave.  She sold her house, resigned from every position, gave back every title, left a rewarding career, dropped out of Graduate School at Johns Hopkins University, and shut down her lucrative Consulting Business and moved.

During that Season, everything she didn't release, she lost.  After she lost everything, she discovered peace and joy while sleeping like a baby every night for a year in the Intown Suites.  Shortly, afterwards God began to reveal the concept for Transforming Life Institute, LLC even though the manifestation would come a few years later.  The only thing that she knew for sure during that Season of Preparation was that she was born to be a Healing Presence in this World and facilitate healing by "Transforming Life one thought at a time."  That became her slogan, along with the tag #TransformNLife and she started a blog called "Transformational Life Lessons", a discussion group on Facebook,  followed by a Radio Show [Becoming Who I Am] which ran on Blogtalk radio for 4 years. All the shows are still available to be listened to and can be downloaded.  For the first time in all of her years of Ministry she understood as she stated in her book, "Pain has no denomination."

Dr. Di has developed her own unique coaching style [founded upon Rev. Michael Beckwith's ~ Life Visioning Process: A transformative process for activating your unique gifts and highest potential], which helps her clients to identify who they are, walk in their authentic truth, and understand who they must become, in order to manifest their dreams and live the life they have envisioned for themselves.

She is also the Founder/Publisher of Royal Treasures Publishing a full service publishing company.  RTP provides coaching and classes for aspiring writers, and editorial services.  As a Publishing Consultant she helps aspiring writes manifest their dream of becoming Self-Publishers.  Her second book “Dancing with the Universe: A Journey from Spiritual Resistance to Spiritual Release” was released Sept 2012.

In 2016, she released her first romantic fantasy.  These eBooks will be published under her pen name. The 1st eBook was released on Valentines Day 2016.  The 2nd eBook was released January 1st 2017.  Part 3 is due out in the Fall of 2017.

She also released a portion of her Master Thesis as an eBook [Intuition: Listening to your Authentic Self] in February 2016.  Portions of her Dissertation on "Using the Creative Power Within" was released as an eBooks in May 2016.

Dr. Di is currently working on six other titles to be released between 2017-2018.

She also mentors other woman seeking to transform their lives one thought at a time.


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