A Sense of Profound Loneliness

Sometimes we are quite satisfied with the direction that our lives are going in, but then purpose changes our course and we find ourselves looking into the eyes of our destiny.  At the moment we meet, a sense of profound loneliness invades a space which once held contentment.  Not until that instant, do we realize that there dwells a place within our heart where God AND destiny resides.  Not until destiny appears do we recognize the void that was there all along.

Some think that God fills every void, and truly the Spirit can produce a peace and joy within that allows us to live incredible journeys alone.  However, if it were God’s intent that we fill every void with the Spirit, then why would he have created man a helpmeet?  Some think that no one else can fill a void within us, but I believe that God intended that our Soul’s mate have a place that only he/she can fill.  This emptiness is not a void created by pain, hurt, and disappointment.  This is a hollowed place prepared by God.  A place where hearts meet, spirits connect, and souls collide [smash together].

I met my destiny and from my heart unconditional love escaped without constraints, but right now, I’m left with a sense of profound loneliness in this hollowed place because I'm missing my Soulmate.

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I use to laugh at people who had the title of "Reverend Doctor." I was like, what is all that about? Well, God certainly has a sense of humor. I AM known officially in the Metaphysical community as: Reverend Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D.,. However, I think I just be cutting up so much [because I admit I am beautifully flawed], until throwing my titles around puts too much pressure on me. So, I call myself, Dr. Di. Well about me....I AM the Visionary, Founder/CEO of Transforming Life Institute, LLC. I am a certified Metaphysical Practitioner who provides life coaching/counseling. I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister who incorporates my spiritual teachings into my coaching/counseling sessions. I am a mentor. I am also the the Founder, Publisher, and CEO of Royal Treasures Publishing, LLC. I have written and published 6 books. I provide editing and coaching services to aspiring writers. I am the Host of “Becoming Who I AM” on Blogtalk Radio. I hold two Bachelor’s Degrees: one in “Psychology” from Morgan State University, and the other in “Metaphysical Science” from the University of Metaphysics. I also hold a Master’s Degree in “Metaphysical Science” from the University of Metaphysics; and a Doctorate in “Metaphysical Psychology” from the University of Sedona."

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