Never Embrace a Bad Day

Negativity infected the spirit and corrupts the thoughts.  Focus daily on monitoring and revolutionizing your thoughts to embrace peace, joy, love, and harmony.  It doesn’t mean that you never experience negative situations and circumstances, just that you’ve made a decision never to embrace a bad day.

I use to love Billie Holiday songs like “Good Morning Heartache.”  Then one day I really listened to the words.  “Good morning heartache…you’re the one who knows me well…might as well get use to hanging around…Good morning heartache, sit down.”  Like the song, many of us embrace a bad day from the moment we open our eyes.  Of course, things go wrong, we all get mad or angry and need to vent.  However, once your venting session ends, release the event and move back into a state of peace.

It’s our inability to vent and move on, that creates a mindset of negativity.  When the event has passed and we continue to discuss it with bitter tones, it no longer venting, it’s complaining.  Complaining on a daily basis changes our mindset and manifest as negativity, to the point that many of us complain when there is nothing wrong.  Have you ever heard someone come into the office and the first thing they say is, “It’s going to be a bad day.”  Well, you can be assured that for them, it will be a very bad day.

We all have moments when disappointment causes a negative reaction [I’ve had a few of those moments today], but I made a decision that despite my genuine feelings, I’d keep my mind clear of negative thoughts.  Some days are easier than others.  And preventing negativity from invading your thoughts takes diligence and practice, but with persistence we can eliminate dwelling on negative thoughts.  Does that mean we are always happy? Definitely not!  What it does mean is that I may have my moment, but I’ll never embrace a bad day.

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I use to laugh at people who had the title of "Reverend Doctor." I was like, what is all that about? Well, God certainly has a sense of humor. I AM known officially in the Metaphysical community as: Reverend Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D.,. However, I think I just be cutting up so much [because I admit I am beautifully flawed], until throwing my titles around puts too much pressure on me. So, I call myself, Dr. Di. Well about me....I AM the Visionary, Founder/CEO of Transforming Life Institute, LLC. I am a certified Metaphysical Practitioner who provides life coaching/counseling. I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister who incorporates my spiritual teachings into my coaching/counseling sessions. I am a mentor. I am also the the Founder, Publisher, and CEO of Royal Treasures Publishing, LLC. I have written and published 6 books. I provide editing and coaching services to aspiring writers. I am the Host of “Becoming Who I AM” on Blogtalk Radio. I hold two Bachelor’s Degrees: one in “Psychology” from Morgan State University, and the other in “Metaphysical Science” from the University of Metaphysics. I also hold a Master’s Degree in “Metaphysical Science” from the University of Metaphysics; and a Doctorate in “Metaphysical Psychology” from the University of Sedona."

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